Barb Alexander, Practice Manager

Barb provides the Hammer Institute with over 40 years of expertise in the world of physician practice management, more than 31 of those years solely with Dr. Hammer. Prior to the opening of the Hammer Institute, Barb was responsible for managing several large multi-location Family Practice clinics. She is readily available and extremely dedicated to the complete satisfaction of all our patients as well as the success of our practice.

Barb Alexander can be contacted at:

Kristen Ferrara, Clinical Specialist

With over 20 years experience in healthcare, Kristen’s work represents a large contribution to the quality of service at the Hammer Institute. She provides highly qualified clinical support, for both Dr. Hammer and our patients, performing on-site diagnostic testing and blood draws. She is also responsible for ensuring patient compliance for follow-up examinations and blood testing.

Kristen Ferrara can be contacted at: